Exotic afro percussionist Jamal Oginga of the Oginga Group is set to pay tribute to his mentor, Brazilian percussionist Paulinho Da Costa, with his latest single ‘Simbora A Tribute; Ode to Paulinho Da Costa.’

The single, which is an adaptation of the 1977 track ‘Simbora’, will be recorded in late 2022 and released in 2023. One of the most influential master percussionists in the world, Paulinho Da Costa has inspired Oginga for many years and this adaptation is an ode to his music, after Paulinho Da Costa gave Oginga his blessing to reimagine the track.

“As a professional percussionist over the years, Paulinho Da Costa is probably the most gifted and influential to me.” Jamal Oginga explains. “I feel we both descended from the same Afrocentric cultural and spiritual roots made in Africa and brought to the new world.” Because of his admiration for the percussionist, Oginga plans to record his own feelings, expressions and interpretations into an arrangement of ‘Simbora’ in honor of this inspiration.

A bright star in his own right, Jamal Oginga combines jazz fusion and world black rhythms for vibrant performances, which will be captured through hand drumming and percussive expressions. “This song is a reflection of a journey of a mighty people. Through rough stormy seas, feelings of sorrow and pain were felt throughout the ships. Singing kept the faith and ancestral traditions after landing on uncharted lands,” explains Oginga. “But freedom is the spirit of the people who are strong.”

The hand drumming and percussive elements of Jamal Oginga’s talents have been maintained through oral traditions from Africa all the way to the African diaspora and Oginga is the result of those traditions being passed down and eventually reaching North America. It’s a historical triumph that the painful stories have been kept alive through music, dance and song, as a reminder of bravery and courage, capturing the spirit of freedom.

Collaborating with his musical network known as the Oginga Group, ‘Simbora A Tribute; Ode to Paulinho Da Costa’ will be recorded at Cue Recording Studios which has seen the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Marcus Miller and Randy Brecker record there. Jamal Oginga’s album ‘Seeing Is Believing’ was also recorded at Cue Studios, so recording this tribute will feel like a natural part of his musical journey.