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Remo Crimplock Symmetry Nuskyn D1 Conga Drumhead 11 in.

Remo 11.06" Tucked Skyndeep Conga Drum Head with Black Calfskin Graphic

Remo Crimplock Symmetry Skyndeep D2 Conga Drummhead Calfskin Graphic 12.5 in

RHYTHMS Exotic Afro Percussions


Jamal Oginga Plays Exotic Music of the UDU Drum. This is the music of the UDU drum. A drum made with mother nature’s porcelain based clay. The UDU drum is used by musical troupes as an accompaniment in live music performances and also used in story telling. At Afro Rhythms, we make drums because of who we are, the sons and daughters of Africa. 

But today, it is the UDU’s various acoustical tones and temperament that is what modern musicians have come to love.

Owner/Chief Designer -Joe AguWeb:



Congas Endorsements

Based in Washington, DC, Jamal Oginga has spent over 25 years touring, recording, and performing with some of the world’s most legendary jazz musicians, including many giants of the industry.

Jamal began playing pots and pans at the age of six. He studied musical theory in middle school, playing percussions and doing vocal training.

After completing college in 1985, Jamal met legendary saxophonist Arnett Cobb and the Mob Band, when a trumpet player friend from college who was auditioning for them invited Jamal to come listen. While his friend auditioned, Jamal sat outside behind the club, playing his conga drums along with the music coming from inside. Suddenly, the music stopped, and a voice yelled out, “Hey, kid, if you going to play that drum, you may as well come inside.” He did and ended up touring with Arnett Cobb & the Mob Band for two years.

On his next journey in Washington, DC, he ran into renowned master percussionist Selden “Fig” Newton, who was playing with the legendary Ahmad Jamal Band. He often substituted for Fig at the famous jazz venue Pier 7 Hotel/Restaurant on the DC waterfront when Fig was on tour with Ahmad Jamal’s Band.

In the late 1990s, Jamal continued studying and traveling while working with master Ashiko drummer BABA Taiwo Duvall – Babatunde Olatungi’s “Drums of Passion.” During the “We Are Africa” tour created by Michael Friend, Artistic Director and Founder of Soul in Motion Players, one of my most memorable meetings was with BABA Barnett “DOC” Williams, the featured percussionist of the Gil Scott-Heron Band.

Quote: Bring what’s Ancient within you to life!

Jamal is an accomplished musician who regularly performs in numerous musical genres, including Jazz-Fusion, Afro-Latin, Afro-Brazilian, and African-Afro American music. He has toured with many great artists. A few notable examples include Yusef Lateef, Pharaoh Sanders, Al Williams, Arnett Cobb, and Jimmy Ford.

In 2022, with The Oginga Group, Jamal paid tribute to his mentor, Brazilian percussionist Paulinho Da Costa, with his latest single “Simbora,” which means “Let’s Do This,” an Ode to Paulinho Da Costa, with a release date of summer 2023.